Drinking Safety: steel, ceramic, glass, plastic, paper, which is the most safe?
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Drinking Safety: steel, ceramic, glass, plastic, paper, which is the most safe?

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Drinking water is the second major event in life after eating, and the cup of drinking water is directly related to this major event in life, right! If you use the wrong cup, it's like drinking poison!

Dare you tell Xiaobian, what kind of cup do you drink every day? Today, we will reveal the secrets of all kinds of cups one by one!

1. Stainless steel cup

Stainless steel cup belongs to alloy products, improper use will release the heavy metal substances contained in it, which is harmful to health.

In daily use, it's not a big problem to pour ordinary water in stainless steel cup, but don't pack acidic drinks. If you drink juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc., it's easy to precipitate heavy metal substances, so even if you drink ordinary water again, it's not safe.

When cleaning stainless steel cup, do not use strong oxidizing soda, bleaching powder, etc. these substances are also easy to react with stainless steel.

Stainless steel cup summary:

It's not a big problem to hold ordinary water, but don't hold acid drinks.

2. Ceramic cup

There are two types of ceramic cups.

The first type: no colored glaze, colorless inner wall

The ceramic cup without colored glaze, especially the colorless inner wall, is also the first choice for drinking water. Not only material safety, high temperature resistance, but also relatively good insulation effect, drinking hot water or tea is a good choice.

The second: colorful

Do you have beautiful colors and lovely patterns on your water cup? If so, replace it as soon as possible. The colorful patterns on the ceramic cup are actually a kind of pigment, which may have hidden safety hazards.

Especially when the inner wall is coated with glaze, when the cup is filled with boiling water or drinks with high acidity and alkalinity, the toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid. People drink liquid with chemical substances, it will cause harm to the human body.

Ceramic cup summary:

It's best to use non colored glaze for painting and dyeing!

3. Glass

Of all the glasses, the glass is the healthiest.

The glass does not contain organic chemicals in the process of firing. When people drink water or other drinks from the glass, they don't have to worry that the chemicals will be drunk into their stomach. And the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed in the glass wall, so people drink water with glass is the healthiest and safest.

Glass summary:

Drinking water is the safest!

4. Plastic cup

Plastic cups are also not popular. Because plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When boiling water is filled in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water.

And the internal microstructure of plastic has many pores, which is easy to hide dirt. If you don't clean it, it's easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, in the purchase of plastic cups, we must choose to meet the national standards of food grade plastic cups.

Plastic cup summary:

Hot water, easy to release toxic substances!

5. Enamel cup

Enamel cup, is made after thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature enameling, does not contain lead and other harmful substances, you can rest assured to use.

Although the metallic substance contained in enamel cup is relatively stable, it may dissolve out in acidic environment. Therefore, it's best not to use enamel cup to hold acid drinks such as orange juice for a long time, otherwise ordinary water will also contain metal substances.

In addition, the surface of enamel cup is easy to be damaged after bumping, which will precipitate harmful substances and should be eliminated decisively.

Enamel cup summary:

It's safe, but don't drink acidic drinks for a long time!

6. Disposable paper cup

Disposable paper cup just looks sanitary and convenient. In fact, the qualified rate of the product can not be judged. Whether it is clean and sanitary can not be identified by naked eyes.

Some paper cup manufacturers add a large number of fluorescent whitening agents to make the cup look whiter. It is this fluorescent substance that can make cells mutate and become a potential carcinogen once it enters the human body. And from the perspective of environmental protection, or should use disposable cups as little as possible.

Summary of disposable cups:

There are many health risks, and it's not environmental protection!

Finally, the conclusion is drawn

1. The safest are: glass cup, ceramic cup without colored glaze.

2. The most unsafe: disposable paper cups, plastic cups, colorful ceramic cups.

3. Note: do not use stainless steel water cup, enamel water cup, drink coffee, orange juice and other acidic drinks.

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