Green Low-carbon Initiative
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Green Low-carbon Initiative

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Qingdao Simpassic Import and Export Co., LTD. Green Low-carbon Initiative

Dear Friends,

With the progress and development of society, low-carbon life has become a natural, green and healthy way of life that we urgently need to establish. In order to further promote the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction into the company and society, to this end, the following initiatives are issued to staff friends:

1. Save the use of non-renewable resources and rationally apply renewable resources. Especially the company's waste glass, corrugated paper, to do centralized recycling, reuse.

2. Always pay attention to saving electricity, to do with lights, computers, water dispensers and other electrical equipment shut down

3. Use less disposable products (wood chopsticks, paper cups, paper towels, etc.), reduce garbage, garbage classification, recycling resources

4. Ride bikes, take buses and climb stairs to save energy and reduce emissions.

5. Participate in afforestation activities, raise several POTS of flowers in the office, and strive to be the emissary of green civilization

"Green travel and low-carbon life" is a kind of healthy, civilized and green life advocated by the contemporary world, which is a major change of human life style. In order to your health, in order to environmental protection life, in order to green earth, I hope that the public friends actively participate in the "green travel, low carbon life" action, to build a harmonious, ecological, green, environmental protection and low carbon life to make a positive contribution.

Author: Eric Wang

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